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4 Tips to Plan the Best Galentine’s Day Party

It’s almost here: the best day of the year! Galentine’s Day started off as a fictional holiday from the show, Parks and Recreation, but soon became a real-life celebration of female friendships and sisterhood. Normally, we would celebrate the occasion in-person with our favorite gal pals, while sipping mixed drinks and brunching on frittatas. But, COVID.

Thankfully, you can still have a fun Galentine’s Day, whether you meet virtually or in an open space, like a park.


Here are our 4 tips to make your virtual Galentine’s Day fun and memorable:

Galentine's Day Tips Set the Atmosphere Make it Interactive Have a Moment for Self Care Don't forget the Sips, Dips + Treats

 1. Set the Atmosphere

With the pandemic still looming, it seems that this year’s Galentine’s will be virtual. Unfortunately, video conferencing fatigue is so real! Keep the party energy high by setting the right atmosphere to create a fun, intimate party for you and your girls. Get glam by rocking your sleek jumpsuit, or keep it comfy chic with a pair of silk pajamas. Decorate your room for the occasion with balloons and streamers. Don’t forget about the aromatic experience! Lighting candles can make the party more intimate and keep your mood engaged for the festivities.

lit candles for Galentine's Day


“Whether you’re enjoying a lovingly prepared meal or drinking some bubbly while on a video call, a scented candle can really set the tone for your Galentine’s Day. Make sure to pick a fragrance you enjoy. It’s even better if you choose a healthier candle option such as soy or coconut wax. Fragrances like Oakmoss + Amber, Egyptian Amber and Sea Salt + Orchid can definitely help set the mood.” -Jayne Hopkins, Light Is Love Candles


 2. Make it Interactive

The beauty of celebrating Galentine’s comes from the activities. Start a fun round of karaoke, have a cookie decorating contest, and take a few ultra-revealing turns of “Never Have I Ever.” What makes Galentine’s Day special is the camaraderie built among the attendees. Share secrets, connect on a deeper level, and have plenty of laughs!


3. Have a Moment for Self Care

It’s the highlight of the occasion. Replenish your social battery and your personal wellness by engaging in a day of self care with your gals. We love sharing words of affirmation to keep our friends uplifted.


You can also target your skincare needs with a spa day Galentine’s theme. Enjoy a relaxing day of face masks and DIY mani’s while sipping on a fruity cocktail.


Take this nail care tip from Crystal Sanders of Crissy Shined Nails:

“Try a nice cuticle and hand massage. Take your favorite body butter and place a small dot near each cuticle and gently massage in. Make it a spa day! Soak your hands in a warm bath with bubbles and Epsom salts. Massage your cuticles and hands, and relax! By the time you finish, you will have noticeably softer hands and cuticles!”


finger swiping vanilla body butter skin moisturizer shea buttere


Be sure to view our Galentine’s Day collection to shop our favorite skincare essentials for a day of self care!


4. Don't Forget the Sips, Dips + Treats

Besides the friendship, a Galentine’s party is mainly for the food and drinks. You and your girls can still enjoy a filling round of chicken and waffles and bellini’s by ordering from your favorite restaurant. Have your meal delivered to your home in time for your virtual party, and enjoy the feast! This way, you’ll still be able to support your local restaurant while keeping you and your friends safe.


women waving at computer for virtual Galentine's Day


With the right perspective and little creativity, a virtual Galentine’s Day party can be fun and exciting. Don’t forget to send gifts to your favorite ladies! Our holistic skincare products make awesome party favors to top off the celebration.

Be sure to check out our gift guide for you to send your sweeties the best gifts for Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day!

Galentine's Day Valentine's Day Gift Guide


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