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It’s time to make things, bake things, and take a long-deserved break from things! As the weather turns colder and darker, I love to do small things to brighten and lighten the mood. Everyone thinks this season is all about baking – and it is! Don’t get me wrong, I love a fresh baked cookie or a warm loaf of bread straight from the oven, but above all, this season is about scents. Scent plays such a strong role in our memory and emotions; I bet every memory you have of Fall has a scent attached to it. You can probably recall it more vividly than any image in your mind.

​A steaming cup of cinnamon spiced apple cider. Melted chocolate and burnt sugar from chocolate chip cookies baking away. Roasting nuts. Coffee brewing. The musk of fallen leaves crunching beneath your feet. The subtle smoky tinge on the brisk Autumn air. Or maybe just that pumpkin spice latte that has become an annual American ritual ushering in the change of seasons.
​We know that there’s something essential about these small indulgences and how they lift our spirits. So, we have applied that same philosophy to our products, specifically to how you experience them. We’ve used essential oils to not just create a picture but to evoke a feeling through them.  

Our Serenity Body Butter is the perfect example. Shea and mango butter combine with apricot kernel oil to soothe and condition the skin. The formulated blend of essential oils induces a feeling of peace and focus while softening the skin. Use it the next time you need to loosen that knot of tension on the back of your neck!
Essential oils are an underrated indulgence. Most people only associate essential oils with aromatherapy through scented candles and oil diffusers. With our products, there is no need for any other tool or a wait time to start enjoying the effects. We offer a myriad of sugar scrubs for the body that have their own blend of essential oils that provide a unique and therapeutic experience. When you get into that steamy bath or shower with one of them and start scrubbing, the essential oils are immediately released onto your skin and into the air. Carried by the steam to fill your space as they clear your head, the luscious scents will literally pull you into a different world! 
My favorite for relaxing from a stressful day is the classic Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub. Lavender sometimes reads as soapy or medicinal to some people, but we use real lavender essential oil and real vanilla extract to create a sweet and therapeutic blend. These two scent profiles dance with each other to create a perfect zone of zen. Not only is lavender relaxing through its aroma, it is also effective as a muscle relaxer, to soothe joint pains and strains after a long day.

We all know what long days are coming up this week! Whether you spend the next few days baking for family and friends on Thanksgiving or organizing an elite force to storm the shops on Black Friday, there’s always time for a little essential indulgence!

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