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How To Do a Facial Massage

There are 43 muscles on your face, and together they flex and extend to allow us to display facial expressions and handle some pretty big tasks. You use facial muscles to smile, frown, open and close your eyes, and pucker your lips. The corrugator supercilii muscle lets you furrow your eyebrows, and the four mastication muscles allow you to chew your food (those may be our favorite!). The muscles on our face are at work all day; it’s only right to treat them to a fitting massage.

A facial massage is simply applying pressure to the muscles of the face to relieve facial tension and rejuvenate the skin. The art and science of facial massages has evolved to a holistic focus, recognizing that every part of our body is connected. This has led to facial massage techniques for lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and contouring.

Massaging your facial muscles can be achieved by either using your hands or a tool, such as a roller or gua sha tool. While a facial tool can provide deeper penetration of a product into the skin, we like using our hands for a facial massage, as you have more control over the pressure and can devote more attention to problem areas.

Benefits of a facial massage

  • Increases blood circulation which brings more nutrients into the skin, increasing collagen production and skin luminance.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to drain toxins and excess waste from the lymph nodes, reducing puffiness and improving skin tone.
  • Plumps the skin by relaxing the muscles and softening wrinkles. It’s like a face lift without the post-op recovery.
  • Improves product absorption when using clean, holistic skincare products that aid in nourishing the skin.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the best at-home facial massage

Also use clean hands and clean skin

Hand washing is always the first step in a good skincare routine. Wash your hands with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds before touching your face. Also, give your face a good cleansing before beginning a massage. The Flora Cleansing Grains gently cleanse and lightly exfoliate the skin, creating an optimal facial massage prep.

Use the right skin nourishing products

Like our Nourish Facial Oil or Cranberry Pomegranate Hair + Body Oil. These products give your skin enough slip to easily glide your fingers or massaging tool over without tugging the skin. Gently rub a few drops onto your hands before beginning your massage. If you are using a skincare tool, apply the oil onto your face before the massage.

Go towards the hairline

When you do your facial massage, the goal is to promote drainage and relax the muscles. Pulling your skin in a downward motion will only cause the facial muscles to tense, as they work against gravity to pull the skin back up. Over time, this can result in the development of wrinkles and fine lines from the consistent facial tension. By massaging in an upward motion towards the hairline, you are letting your muscles relax and helping firm the skin affected with fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Give a Facial Massage

  1. Start activating lymph drainage by massaging the lymph nodes on the side of your neck. Use your fingers to make wide circles under your ears, towards your throat, and back to the jawline.
  2. Next, press your fingers between the eyebrows and slide them up your forehead in an outward motion towards the hair line.
  3. Massage your upper cheekbones by sliding your fingers from both corners of your nose towards your ears.
  4. Massage your lower cheekbones by sliding your fingers from the sides of your mouth in an upward motion towards your ears.
  5. If you want to massage your eye area, use your ring fingers, and apply very light pressure from the inner corners of the eyes towards the temples.
  6. Don’t forget to massage your neck! Use gentle strokes upward from the collarbone towards the chin.


You can give yourself a facial massage a few times a week to enhance the results. A good facial massage before bedtime is sure to improve your sleep quality. We recommend using the Renewal Night Cream if massaging at night.

We hope you’re able to incorporate a facial massage into your self care routine! Continue to take care of yourself.

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  • peter gomes on October 30, 2020

    Thank you for sharing your favorite products with us. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to trying many of them.

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