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What is your greatest fear? Mine is that my children will grow up without the beauty of snowcapped peaks and crystal-clear lakes, but rather mountains of trash and seas of garbage.

Here at Earth-Kissed Beauty, we love our Earth and everything it gives us! As we use curated, natural ingredients to create our products, it’s just as important to us how you receive them. As a company, we’re proud to swim against the current of packaging that ends up in landfills and oceans. We scoured through the catalogs to find the right containers that not only represent who we are but what we care about. Our plastic bottles and jars are made of PET while our vials are made from glass. Not only are these containers easy to recycle, but even better when upcycled!
​PET isn’t as hard to find as you think, you’ve probably got an abundance of it in your fridge or in your closet. Polyethylene terephthalate is one of the most common and easiest to recycle plastics in the world. In fact, you could melt and repurpose it right in your oven – like this guy who melted PET caps from milk jugs into a salad bowl! It can be clear like a bottle of water or it can be opaque, like our Cranberry Pomegranate Hair & Body Oil bottle. In our case, the dark color of the plastic helps block out light from hitting the product inside and saving it from degradation. 
Glass, another clean and recyclable material, is easy to find on our shelves. We use it to store our facial oils. When you finally hit the bottom of the vial, you could toss it in your recycling bin, but there’s an even better option: Upcycling! Our lovely little glass vials are perfect for storing so many things and are ready to live another life beyond the bin! Insert string LED lights for a colorful light fixture. Add a little water and turn them into a sweet mini vase for a few sprigs of wildflowers or fresh herbs. Or simply use them to hold little odds and ends for your next craft project. 

Our Body Butters and Face Masks come in wide shallow PET jars that are just begging to be repurposed! For the clear jars, attach a battery powered LED to the inside of the lid, screw back on, and flip over for a soft, diffused night light. Turn the wider body butter jars into a mini succulent filled fairy garden. Save up a set of 4 to turn into wheels for your kid's next physics project.  
Honestly, the possibilities for our packaging are endless but our Earth is not. Here’s our friendly reminder to think beyond the bin next time you finish up a jar of your favorite body butter!

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