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This isn’t the end of a typical year; it’s the end of a decade! It’s time to refocus and re-tune your life- your career, your style, your family, your goals, your skin! But it can be hard to move on if there are a lot of things still clogging your path- or your pores.

Now is the time to donate all the old things you haven’t worn in years. It’s time to recycle the incomplete craft projects you have been meaning to finish. Go ahead and compost that “herb garden” that you never properly potted; you know what we’re talking about – that one time you stuck a few sprigs of green onions in a mason jar of water or that stump of lettuce you thought would grow into a full salad next month. Now that another decade of life has gone by, it’s time to re-think your skincare as well, starting with your beauty shelf!

We know how easy it is to collect a lot of products and samples over the years with the intention of “saving” them for the right occasion. Sometimes you keep things to use again because the skin can be moody, causing you to switch between products every other month. Sometimes it is a seasonal thing – Summer Skin and Winter Skin are completely different beasts. Either way, the result is a vanity full of random potions and lotions that you can’t even remember how to use because it’s been so long. This means it is time to Kon-Mari that shelf! Throw out everything that is expired, that you haven’t opened or that you don’t remember the last time it was used; and keep only the essentials that have worked for you this past year.


Sometimes, your skin can change drastically and cause you to shift your entire routine. Take pregnancy for example. This major life event can create a skincare journey that is quite messy and frustrating, especially when your favorite products that worked for years suddenly sensitize your skin and cause breakouts. You may have to test different products to find the perfect balance while sorting for things that aren’t harmful to you or the life inside of you. Part of the journey was also going through a skin purge and letting your skin settle into its new self. This is especially true during the post partum phase; your skin changes so much! But view this time as the opportunity to target the new issues and select products especially curated by ingredient and effect. For our Founder, Kristin, she streamlined her facial routine to the Flora Cleansing Grains, Nourish Facial Oil, and Sea Matcha Face Mask and the Sweet Grapefruit Sugar Scrub and Serenity Body Butter for her body care routine. Finding the right products will certainly ease your skincare journey.         

Clearing all the junk out of your skin and off the shelf is therapeutic, and it is something every skincare afficionado needs to experience. It paves the way for great skin and a lovely, organized beauty shelf. 2020 is going to be more of this: all about simplifying and consolidating our lifestyles and our skincare routines. Strive to do more things with less products. Not only is this better for making time for the things you love to do, it’s better for the environment. Less products means less packaging and a smaller carbon footprint!


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