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Moisturizing is a Part of Hand Hygiene

By now, you have been affected by this year's influenza season and the wide-spreading coronavirus. This pandemic has become a global issue and is bringing everyone's normal routine to an abrupt halt. Schools are closed, sporting events canceled, travel destinations are restricted, and people are becoming ill at alarming rates. Call it an act of God or the world auto-correcting, but this pandemic has brought to light the importance of good hand hygiene and the importance of life balance.


Hand hygiene includes washing your hands frequently to keep you and others from getting sick (Read the complete guide on good hand washing). While scrubbing your hands for 20 seconds to two rounds of the "Happy Birthday" song is well known, what is often forgotten is the last step of hand hygiene: moisturizing.

Dry, cracked hands leaves the skin barrier with tiny openings that can allow harmful bacteria to enter the body. This can lead to infection. Using a rich moisturizer-like our line of body butters-after washing your hands seals the skin and completes a good hand hygiene routine.


    To slow down the spread of coronavirus, many countries are issuing social distancing and quarantine efforts. While being restricted to your home or independent outings may seem to be boring to some, others are recognizing this as an opportunity to be still, practice mindfulness and self care, pick up a new skill or return to a beloved hobby, devote time to exercise, and spend invaluable quality time with loved ones. Perhaps in addition to good hand hygiene, this pandemic is teaching us to appreciate the beauty of not being busy and of being in the present moment-with ourselves and with others.

    This public health emergency is scary, but we refuse to live in fear. We will get through this together. The Earth-Kissed Beauty staff wishes you good health and safety during this unsettling time. 

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