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Whether you’re hopping aboard a train, jumping on to a plane, or getting ready for a day-long road trip; it’s hard to maintain your skincare routine and give yourself the attention you need. Sometimes it’s packing limitations, and sometimes it’s simply not enough time on a tight travel schedule. As much as we love taking shelfies we know we can’t take all of our precious lotions and potions with us when we’re traveling. So what’s a skincare addict to do when one has to live out of a carry-on?

Pamper. Pack. Preserve.

This might sound counterintuitive but trust us, pamper yourself BEFORE your trip. Exfoliate, enrich, and relax so you are rejuvenated, energized, and glowing as you embark. When your skin and hair are extra saturated with nutrients, they are able to sustain their healthy texture and suppleness a few days without too much attention. 


If you’ve read our previous blog about Seasonal Skincare, then you're familiar with a multi-step skincare regimen where you layer products to be more effective. We’re tweaking it here for travel by essentially pre-gaming our skin for the long haul. Once you’ve pampered yourself the night before departure, it’s time to pack! No, I don’t mean your suitcase - pack on water-based serums, toners, or lightweight moisturizers. Make sure to allow each layer to absorb before applying the next. Follow those layers with an overnight cream or sleep mask. For your body, follow a similar change post-exfoliation by using a lightweight moisturizer first, then massaging on a body butter. 


It may seem excessive at first, especially if you have oily skin or don’t like the feeling of extra product on your body, but this is an overnight ritual to essentially bring your skin to 110%. You’re going to need that extra love to help preserve your skin and hair moisture balance throughout your trip. It’s no joke; travel can be harsh on our body’s largest organ. The variety of environments, the stress of travel, the lack of humidity in pressurized cabins, all can cause issues, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. In most cases, the biggest issue is dryness- both inside and out. 
Throughout your travels, preserve your hair and skin with minimal upkeep. Keep a mini size of our body butter and facial oil on hand and apply a little every night, every morning, or whenever you need it! Preservation is not a one and done job, by no means! This tiny touch of emollients on the regular will help the effects of your pre-trip pamper session make it through the long haul...or at least through your obligatory family dinner!

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