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#RealSkinIsGoodSkin Movement!

If you’re on social media and have slight inkling towards skincare, then you’ve seen it. The spread of influencers and models posing on social media with flawless skin, no blemishes in sight, pores that are non-existent, and a glow that’s in the right places. It’s usually paired with #perfectskin and filed along with thousands of other images that look eerily similar.

This was the trend we were noticing whenever we scrolled through our explore pages on our various social media channels. And while there has been improvement in the racial, ethnic, and sexual oriented diversity in these photos, the style of these #perfectskin and #skingoals photos was monochromatic. When there is only one option presented as “normal” or “ideal,” it is a problem. On a personal note, we felt that we too were aiming for this standard…and falling short…and feeling miserable about it. And we’re not alone.

Research studies have shown there is a negative association between time on social media and self esteem levels, meaning: more time spent on social media is linked to a decrease in self esteem. Perhaps a reason for this is a lack of representation of realistic bodies and faces. If the team behind a clean, holistic skincare brand personally felt this way, we could only imagine how our customers felt.


We decided enough is enough. We wanted to change the narrative.

At Earth-Kissed Beauty, we are no longer using #perfectskin in our posts or as the ideal for our content. We recognize that perfect skin isn’t real! And it’s past time for social media to realize this as well.

What should be the ideal #skingoals is healthy skin. To us, healthy skin is not a specific skin type. It is skin that is nourished with the right, clean products and is respected for its uniqueness.

Healthy skin is achieved by living a balanced lifestyle: stay hydrated, eat well, move your body, practice good stress management, use cleaner household products, and use clean, effective personal care products.


Earth-Kissed Beauty is a brand that focuses on holistic skin health. This includes embracing the diversity in our skin types and providing products and education on how to nourish your unique healthy skin.

Our new mission is simple: Real Skin is Good Skin.


Whether you have combination, oily, dry, sensitive, acne-prone, or aging skin, you can achieve your healthy skin goals. Our products are designed to be suitable for all skin types with an adaptable skincare routine.

We will be sharing tips on how to nourish your skin and meet your unique #healthyskingoals by using our products and embracing a holistic lifestyle. Be sure to check our Rooted blogs to stay in the loop!

You can join the #RealSkinIsGoodSkin movement by following the hashtag. Share with us your healthy skin goals by tagging us on social media and using #RealSkinIsGoodSkin in your posts.


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