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It’s officially Autumn when you start digging through your closet to unearth your favorite sweater. And if you’re in North Carolina like me, you’ll probably only wear it for 2 hours before it feels like Summer again! Just like it’s time to pull on an extra layer to stay warm, we need to add on those extra layers of moisture and hydration. Making seasonal changes to skincare routines is essential to maintain a happy complexion. While the needs of every skin type are different, these simple rules of thumb can help upgrade any routine for a colder and dryer season.

First rule of thumb--Level up products!

Whatever moisturizer you are using right now, level it up to something richer. For example, if you use a body oil, try indulging in a body butter. The richer feel of the butter means it absorbs slower and creates a longer lasting barrier on your skin to help trap moisture. If you’re using a lightweight or water-based lotion, upgrade to a body oil. It’s the same principle.

Second rule of thumb--Wear an extra layer!
If you have a simple 2 step routine where you cleanse then moisturize, you need to apply a fast absorbing moisturizer in between. Try adding facial oil, a moisturizing toner, or serum. Make sure to give it a few minutes to absorb into your skin before putting your regular moisturizer on to seal it. This step ensures your skin has a little extra hydration to get it through the next chilly day or super dry office. 
Third rule of thumb--Renewal!
All those rich products and hydration are meant to protect the skin and keep it from becoming dry and flaky. Sometimes this process traps the dead skin and dirt in place, and you need a little help to remove it—that’s when exfoliating sugar scrubs and clay-based face masks come into play!

Body and face scrubs help slough away the dead skin and invigorate as they do; increasing circulation, evening out texture, and kickstarting the renewal process so your skin is ready to drink in whatever you put on it next. At this point, you could put on your regular body oil or moisturizer and bask in your own glow for the night, but why not give your face a little extra love? This is the perfect and most effective time to apply our Renewal Night Cream! Daylight savings? I don’t know her - cuz you’re the sun now, baby!

Depending on your skin needs, you may only need to do a Renewal step 1 to 3 nights a week, but no more than that, as you’ll interrupt the healing process and may compromise your skin barrier instead. This happens a lot when people discover a scrub or mask they love; they love the feeling of fresh skin and the glow after, but end up over-exfoliating by doing it too often without realizing that exfoliation is just half of the renewal process, the other half is healing time!
Whatever skincare routine changes you decide to go for this season, just remember, consistency is key! We all have those days when our hormones are off, stress is high, or we’re pulling all-nighters; but that is not an excuse to ignore your body and its biggest organ. Don’t give up on your skin, be kind to it, and it will love you back! Happy Fall!

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