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It can be tricky to make a switch, but it’s always better for you and for the environment to transition to all-natural skincare. For some people, it is as much about the wasteful brand name packaging as it is about the over-marketed chemical pseudonyms inside. I instantly think of the fancy-packaged body creams that tout a hefty price tag and claim to include “miracle oils” as their ingredients. When in reality, it’s how they charge $300 for a jar of product that only has $35 worth of ingredients mostly comprising of mineral oil. For people like myself, it is about using products that are more in tune with my body and my skin—the way nature intended. It’s easy enough to rid your beauty shelf of over-processed and chemically complicated products, but what about your face?


Let’s talk about Skin Purging.

Skin purging is a treatment routine that physically resets your skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, and refining your skin texture and pore size. New skin cells regenerate and, dead skin is sloughed away; all the sebum, oil, and dirt built up in your pores is pushed out to the surface. What you are left with is literally a beautiful new face—albeit the process is not very pretty. All that stuff getting pushed out of your pores? It will look like a massive breakout. There might be peeling or flaky skin, but the good news is that it will heal faster, and the breakouts and dry spots should only be in your typical break out zones.  If you have adverse reactions like redness, inflammation, severe dryness or acne on your face where your normally do not, then it is more likely an ingredient in the exfoliant is not working for you. A skin purge is caused by using an exfoliant like a retinoid, acid, or peel that forces your skin to regenerate and renew faster. But if you have sensitive skin or have had an adverse reaction to active ingredients or harsh chemicals in the past, it is better to switch to a more physical exfoliation method using clay-based masks and gentle cleansers.

Our Sea Matcha Mask and our Flora Cleansing Grains are particularly great for a purge – they are both devoid of harsh active ingredients and fillers. Compared to our other masks, the Sea Matcha Mask is formulated to detox your skin with algae-derived vitamins A & C while providing essential amino acids to aid collagen production and elasticity. The matcha green tea in it pulls excess sebum away to purify pores and rebalance the skin’s natural pH.  If you follow that up with our Nourish Facial Oil during the day and Renewal Night Cream at night, you will have a great all-natural skin purge treatment on your hands.*


The typical skin regeneration cycle is every 27 days. Yes, that means everyone has new skin, all over their body, every 27 days! You may see results in as little as 2 weeks or the purge process could take as long as 6 weeks. You need to give your skin time to adjust and start working with new products. It’s not an instant miracle-in-a-jar. You won’t see a sudden difference like you do when applying concealer and foundation; but you will notice gradually that your hyperpigmentation will lighten, your pores will appear smaller, and your face will feel firmer. It’s like pruning a plant to guide its growth—you will see the difference over time. Why not make 2020 the year you perfect your skin?

*If you have specific skin conditions, please talk to a dermatologist for specialized care before using any new products or committing to a new routine!


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