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Here at Earth-Kissed Beauty, our mission is to make clean, safe skincare available to everyone. Our products are made with natural and organic botanicals and never include chemicals, synthetic fragrance, or preservatives. 

While our line is completely free of these ingredients that have been shown to cause adverse health effects, we want you to be able to read product labels and identify ingredients that are not safe. Here's our Dirty List:




Numerous studies have shown these ingredients to be linked to adverse health effects, such as respiratory illness, thyroid and endocrine issues, and cancer. A few ingredients of large concern include 

  • BHA/BHT-linked to hormone disruption, skin irritation, reproductive system disruption, and cancer
  • EDTA: linked to skin irritation and cancer
  • Fragrance/Parfum: linked to hormone disruption, cancer, skin irritation, and neurological system disruption
  • Petrolatum: linked to cancer and skin irritation
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate: linked to skin irritation, eye irritation, liver toxicity, and environmental harm

Again, you will Never see any of these ingredients in any Earth-Kissed Beauty product. We challenge you to look at your personal care products and read the labels. Try our line of clean and green skincare. We want you to be in good health and to love your earth-kissed skin.

For more information regarding these dirty ingredients, visit the following resources:

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