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We live in a world where society feeds on buzzwords and hot topics. "Toxic" was the 2018 Word of the Year, and phrases like "vegan skincare" and "green beauty" are thrown around like confetti. While these words and phrases are catchy, they certainly hold more meaning than being the hashtag for a social media blogger's 30th selfie of the week.

Let's break down the hype behind clean skincare. In the United States, there is the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act that enforces regulations on what food, cosmetic and personal care companies can and cannot use in their products. The law was enacted in 1938, before the rise of plastics and chemical industries became the standard for creating and preserving foods and personal care products. 

The law has yet to be updated, and has given large liberties to personal care companies in manufacturing their products. It's why you see sodium laurel sulfate, EDTA, propylene glycol, and methylparaben listed as ingredients in a simple face cleanser. Numerous research studies have shown these chemicals to be related to many adverse health reactions such as skin irritation, hormone disruption and imbalance, and cancer. 

Despite the numerous studies, the law has not been updated to provide a standard amongst the personal care industry to protect their consumers. Conversely, large brand companies have altered their product labeling to highlight "natural" and "plant derived" ingredients, but upon reading the label, these ingredients that are plant derived are chemically extracted, thus removing all natural benefits and are added to the existing chemical-filled products.

Clean skincare is a movement to provide personal care products made without ingredients known to cause harm to consumers. Clean skincare and beauty brands will not include harsh chemicals, synthetic fillers and dyes and aim to be environmentally friendly. 

Earth-Kissed Beauty's entire line of products are cleansafe, and cruelty free. There are zero chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or preservatives in our products. Each product is made with natural and organic botanicals--ingredients you can name (shea butter, jojoba oil, hibiscus flower, frankincense essential oil). Our products are environmentally friendly and are placed in recyclable PET containers or glass. We wanted to change the narrative and give consumers peace of mind with shopping personal care products.

We are on a mission to provide clean, safe skincare to everyone. Shop our line of clean skincare and get ready to love your earth-kissed skin.

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