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Refresh Facial Toner

"This toner is an Amazing addition to the facial care line! I replaced my over the counter toners with the EKB brand and it has thoroughly cleansed my face without harsh ingredients." - Beverly

An alcohol-free, hydrating toner

The Refresh Facial Toner clarifies and hydrates the skin while preserving a healthy skin pH. Crafted with holistic, skin nourishing ingredients, this toner gently exfoliates and cleanses pores, leaving behind a revitalized, bright, and dewy glow.

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  • Brighten the skin with pineapple extract
  • Rose + calendula hydrosols hydrate + calm irritated skin
  • Target acne breakouts with alcohol-free witch hazel

Suitable for all skin types

Use the Refresh Facial Toner after using the Flora Cleansing Powder. Shake well. Apply a generous amount of toner onto (reusable!) cotton pad and gently massage onto clean face and neck. Allow skin to dry completely before moisturizing with Nourish Facial Oil or Renewal Night Cream.

Skincare tips: The Refresh Facial Toner is suitable for all skin types. Earth-Kissed Beauties with sensitive skin should use it once a day.

Available in 4oz.

Refresh Facial Toner is made with only all-natural/organic ingredients including: rose hydrosol^, calendula hydrosol^,alcohol-free witch hazel hydrosol, vegetable glycerin^, apple cider vinegar^, pineapple extract

^ = organic

Alcohol-free Facial toner! 100% natural/organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

4 oz.

Can I Recycle It?

Yes! Our travel-friendly plastic bottle is made with PET material and is 100% recyclable. Just rinse it after use and place it in your recycling bin. Make sure to separate the cap from the bottle. There's no need to remove bottle labels because the recycling process separates them.

Refresh Facial Toner

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Hannah R.
United States
Facial Toner

I love this toner. I've been using it for a couple weeks now. It feels like it's healing my skin- if I have even a little blemish it goes away after using this. I like that it doesn't leave my face feeling dry like other toners have.

  • What are your main skin concerns? Anti-aging
  • What is your skin type? Balanced/Even
Germany Germany
A great natural option!

I use this toner on rotation with other toners to help maintain balance! If I notice too much dryness or mask-ne I switch to only this and the cleansing grains; this combo has saved my skin! Very refreshing and light. It allows my skin to do its thing without going to far. I love it for days when I'm just hanging around the house and just need something to look alive on zoom.

  • What is your skin type? Combination
  • What are your main skin concerns? AcneAnti-agingDrynessDullnessOiliness
United States United States
Toner is an amazing

This toner is an Amazing addition to the facial care line! I use it twice a day (morning and evening) and it has been worth it. I replaced my over the counter toners with the Earth Kissed Beauty brand and it has thoroughly cleansed my face without harsh ingredients. Wasn't too sure about the smell, at first, as it doesn't have that astringent or alcohol smell... this fragrant is much better and it grows on you! It is a winner!