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Earth-Kissed Skin Testimonials


I absolutely love the Earth-Kissed Beauty products. My particular favorite [are] the sugar scrubs. I love the way they leave my skin feeling so soft and moisturized. It is most DEFINITELY something I would recommend to anyone. I also really like the facial cleansing grains. I have struggled for the longest to find a facial product that is suitable for my very sensitive skin. This along with the Sweet Baby Body Butter together is amazing. I highly recommend these products to any and everyone.

Sydney R.


Love, love, love these products! [These are], hands down, the best skin care products I have used. I've used the body scrub, lip balm and now the face mask. As someone who has suffered through acne and has extremely sensitive skin, I love how these products work and highly recommend them to those who are looking for high quality, organic skin care products.

Janelle V. 


These[body butters] are the best I've ever tried on my skin! [They] keep my skin supple and nourished throughout the day even when applied at night. The night cream is the bomb! My face feels so nice and smooth in the morning! The scrubs give my skin a gentle exfoliate cleansing while incorporating natural oils to seal in moisture. Love these products!

Beverly M.


I discovered Earth-Kissed Beauty while attending [a] small business day [event] in Gastonia, NC. I've fallen in love with their products and service. Since starting their skin care products, I no longer have allergic reactions on and around my eyes. I'm so grateful for their products! Service is great, too.

Pamela T.


I’ve tried almost every facial scrub I could possibly find at Harris Teeter, and after 30 years, finally found one that worked for my sensitive and oily skin from Earth-Kissed beauty. Even after 1 week, my breakouts reduced, and now after 2 weeks, my skin is completely clear and my blackheads are going away as well. My husband has even started using it and his skin is the opposite of mine — generally dry and pimple prone — and his skin is clearing up as well! Thank you, will be buying from Earth-Kissed for a long time.

Michelle Y.


Purchased 9 sets of the body butter and sugar scrub for Xmas gifts. LOVE - LOVE - LOVE them!!!! My sisters, Mom, and aunts were very pleased with the gifts. We all loved that the scents were very delicate and my older relatives loved how easy and smooth the body butter went on. One particular individual is 90 years young. She has very delicate skin that bruises and tears easily. She has had issues with lotions and creams that are very thick and difficult rub into her skin. She found that she could warm the butter to almost a liquid in her palm and then gently spread it on her skin. She uses the sugar scrub only on her feet. One caveat on the scrub. Be sure to dry your feet after because the oil can make your tooties a little slippery. One of my friends uses the scrub on her feet, then rubs in the butter and then she put on socks and has no trouble.

Rachel C.


Believe it or not, it wasn’t until I got married that I actually started taking care of my legs and feet in the winter! I mean, nobody was going to see my legs or feet! (Ladies, you feel me). Anyway, since I am now more into taking care of my skin, I was excited to try out @earth_kissed_beauty’s sugar scrub and YALL. This stuff has saved my pedicure. The bottom of my feet can quickly get rough when I’m working out a lot and I thought I was just gonna have to rock with the roughness until I used this scrub today. After I rinsed the scrub my feet felt just as smooth! I was amazed! So if you deal with any rough spots on your body, head over and grab yourself some scrub! This kind also smells like an exotic getaway so that’s a major plus in this brick weather!

Monique T.


I use the beard balm as a part of my daily beard care. This is the best beard balm I've ever used. It lasts all day, smells good, and leaves a nice shine.


Michael D.